Liberty Rifle Company, LLC

Liberty Rifle Company, LLC Sterling

Liberty Rifle Company, LLC is committed to offering quality, useful, personalized training to every customer who walks through our doors. LRC now has a type 7 Federal Firearms License (FFL) and may buy, sell, and build firearms for business purposes. Check out some of our inventory today!

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Now starting at just $30!

Want to purchase something through someone else and need to transfer it through somebody? No problem! Let us know you need the transfer and give our contact information to the party that will be mailing your firearm(s). 

Check out our Transfer page for more details!

Firearms Sales

Want to buy, sell, or trade?

For current inventory check out our inventory page. Don't have what you want there? No problem! Just contact and let us know what you need! We can order from a wide range of pistols, rifles, shotguns and accessories and offer you a good price to boot. If you are interested in selling or trading in any of your own firearms let us know what you've got and we can make you an offer.

New Inventory!

IWI Tavors, Underfolders, and More!

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ID Requirements

Important! Check out our ID Requirements page for important information on required identification. You will need a minimum of two forms of ID to purchase a firearm. 

For even more detailed information visit the Virginia State Police Website.